Our Service Projects & How We Give Back

Annually, though our fundraising efforts, we raise sufficient funds to have the opportunity to distribute small grants ranging in size from $500 – to $2000.  These small grants allow us, through other organizations, to achieve our own mission and goals. We prefer to provide matching funds for foundational activities such as capital projects and sustainable programs that emphasize youth, education, and the environment. Matching support may consist of cash and/or donations, “in-kind,” services or materials.

Jay Pearson Community Park

We love having fun! Adding fun to other people’s lives is a part of our core values. We found and purchased this We-Saw for the Jay Pearson Community Park in McMinnville which opened in 2019.

Joe Dancer Mural Project

Our parks are essential. In one of our earliest projects, we helped build this soccer wall at Joe Dancer Park in McMinnville. Now in 2022, together with the help of art students from McMinnville High School, we are partnering to beautify and add to McMinnville’s culture by painting the soccer wall. This artwork was designed by Emily Lux, a mural artist, with input from McMinnville High School art students.

Chemeketa Scholarship Fund

We love our scholars! Annually, we give thousands of dollars through scholarships to students returning to school to make a career change, continue their higher education, and overcome financial hardships that would otherwise prevent them from achieving their scholatic goals. Our scholarships are given through the Chemeketa Community College and information on how to apply can be found at Chemeketa in the financial aid office.