The Details:

The connections you make in our Sunrise Rotary club will change your life for good forever. Sunrise Rotary is a well-connected service organization working to improve our community and support each other and our families to have fun and to thrive in McMinnville.

Individual Membership + Meals

  • 1 person membership
  • +$100 Rotary International Contribution*

Corporate Membership + Meals

  • 1-3 person membership
  • +$100 Rotary International Contribution per person*

Rotary International (RI) contribution

We strongly encourage members to participate in giving $100 annually to the The Rotary International Foundation. Because we feel so strongly about it, we include the charge with your dues unless you opt out. This amount per member maximizes our local club’s ability to apply for RI matching grants and have more impact. Many members donate directly to RI through the online portal and do not need our local club to facilitate this donation.

What are Happy Bucks?

This is our opportunity during weekly meetings to share something personal and exciting in our lives to the club. We encourage members to give a $1 happy buck each week to support our wine socials and other fun things the club does throughout the year — we won’t fine you for being late or missing a meeting. However, we do make a big deal over your club anniversary and your birthday and hopefully expect that you’ll pay up $1 per year in the month these events occur. For example: 5 years in the club + 42 years old = $47. These dollars support our local Foundation to provide local scholarships and community grants.

What is Included?

Breakfast, weekly programs on local and international issues, quarterly socials, work parties, tree plantings, and fellowship! We hope you join to make a lasting impact on our McMinnville community as well as international projects!