The relationship between the Sunrise Rotary Foundation of McMinnville, Inc. and the Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise:

1. The Club is the manpower.
2. The Foundation is the financial power.
3. Money given to the Foundation is tax deductible to the donor.
4. Money given to the Club is not.
5. Every regular active member of our Club is a member of the Foundation.
6. Only Clubs can be members of Rotary International and our club is one. Each of us is a member of our Club, not of Rotary International.
7. The Purpose of the Club is to serve the community, whether that be the local, regional, national or international community.
8. The Purpose of the Foundation is to take advantage of tax-exempt status to assist the Club in its good works and make less costly to donate to the Club. 9. Tax free donations cost donors, on average, about 60¢to 70¢ on the dollar.
10. Regular donations cost 100¢ on the dollar.
11. The normal operating funds of the Club, things like postage, printing, supplies, etc. can be covered by the money raised through fining, happy dollars, etc.
12. Small donations, those donations that are required quickly to be of value, and club oriented expenses like Fellowship events, etc. should be be covered by the money raised through fining, happy dollars, etc.
13. Larger expenses and those that are planned well in advance, especially in conjunction with the good works of the Club, should be from money donated to or raised within the Foundation. The Foundation should give to the community through funding of Club projects as well as funding direct requests and Club Scholarship Grants.
14. All significant requests for financial support to the Club may also be referred to the Foundation.
15. The President, and/or the Board of Directors of the Club should be certain that the policies and intent of the Club can be known to the Foundation when it considers its giving. They should make requests and recommendations to the Board of the Foundation to help the Foundation Board in its deliberations as to how Foundation Funds are allocated.
16. It is important that the Foundation be separate and distinct from the Club but, it is essential that the Foundation give within the spirit and guidelines established by the Club or the Foundation will lose its manpower support.