Who Are We: We are the Rotary Club of McMinnville Sunrise, a fellowship of business and professional leaders acting together to make our community and world a better place in which to live. We are a slice of our community, representing most occupations present in our area. We recognize the strength and capabilities of Rotary International and act in accordance with the ideals of Rotary.

Mission Statement: Make McMinnville a better place in which to live and work, and, have fun doing it.

Our Goals:
1. We will provide our community with creative leadership that will effect positive change;
2. We will continually improve the quality of life in our area through our good works;
3. We will build our club into a worthy representative of all that is good about Rotary International;
4. We will maximize the use of our assets for the greatest positive impact on our community;
5. We will build a Club that will outlive any of the people who are a part of it; a club which will continue to be a strong force for good in our community;
6. We will have fun and enjoy the friendship of our fellow members and families.

Our Values:
1. We will adhere to the Four Way Test of things we say and do.
2. We will take full responsibility for our actions and promises.
3. We will treat everyone with humility and respect.
4. We will work with one another to achieve our collective goals.
5. We will strive to exceed the expectations of the community.
6. Our actions will represent the best of our community.
7. We will plan, think, and make goals for the long term.
8. We will provide clear direction and leadership and will continue to train leaders for our club and the community.
9. We realize that our relationships within our community, locally and internationally, provide the foundation for our success.
10. We will leave things better than we found them, in our workplace, in our community and in our world.